Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hiking Petřín

This is kind of old news, but last Friday we hiked this beautiful hill in Prague called Petřín. It overlooks the entire city and is a lovely hike. There's a tram that goes up to the top but we're not wusses. Here is the photographic evidence:

My great roommate and I stopped for Chlebíčky (roughly pronounced Hlep-itch-key) to fuel up on the way to the base of the hill. Chleb is the Czech word for bread and the íčky part is the diminutive. These things are basically just open faced sandwiches but the Czechs are very proud of them. This one has goat cheese, some grapes, a piece of tomato, and a tiny little slice of brie on it. Most of them are meaty. 

This statue is at the base of the hill. It's called the "disappearing man" statue. The statue is meant to symbolize the fate of the people living in Czech Republic during communism.

The view of Prague from about half way up the hill. 

The pear orchards on the hill. 

The restaurant near the top of the hill... the waiters must have quads of steel.

The view from the almost top...

From the viewpoint at the tippy top. 

Bernadette and I struggling not to push each other off the hill. Just kidding, we get along great. 

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